Freelance Writer

I am the former in-house copywriter and Content Editor for gadget website,
I Want One of Those Ltd. I left the company in September 2009 to broaden my experience and diversify my writing portfolio.

Currently, I am the Video Games and Tech Editor for the award winning Music and Culture site, The 405. I’ve spent the last year building up the section’s profile and output, making connections within the video games industry that has given The 405 access to review and preview code from publishers and developers such as 2K, EA Sports, Konami and Nintendo, to name but a few.

I have experience in the PR sector, having spent 18 months working for A Badge Of Friendship Music PR, drafting press releases and managing their roster’s bio pages and news feeds. I’ve also worked on a freelance basis for digital development agency, The GlassHouse Project, providing copy and marketing support, as well as QA Testing for clients such as RED5 and Thrive Active.