The Walking Dead: Season One

Originally published on Panic Dots.

I really wanted to like The Walking Dead. I love the comic, and when I heard that Frank Darabont was involved, I was relieved. He was the man behind my favourite film ending ever – The Mist. There are far too many hacks out there who buy the rights to popular comics, ignore the original fan-base, and then turn the TV series into a pile of garbage.

>Darabont was different. He seemed to genuinely want to please the fans. He wanted to capture the essence of The Walking Dead, and broadcast it on television so everybody could enjoy the story of how humanity consumes itself when faced with near extinction. So people who didn’t read comics could finally see what we’d all been raving about for the last 7 years.

After watching the first episode, I was still living in my dream world, where everything was right in the world. Frank Darabont had done it – he’d pulled off the comic to TV show conversion, and he hadn’t messed it up. He was my hero.

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